On Tuesday, the participants of the championships had the opportunity to participate in a special trip to the “Old Mine”. We hope that the proposed excursion was liked by participants, as well as allowed to know the history of this region.

Centrum Nauki i Sztuki Stara Kopalnia (en. “Former Mine” Science and Art Centre) in Wałbrzych is the biggest post-industrial tourist attraction in Poland, located in the former bituminous coal mine – Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego “Julia” (“Thorez”). The 2014 revitalization of the biggest mine located in Wałbrzych which at the height of its activity employed several thousand workers allowed for the creation of an exceptional object among tourist attractions in Poland. Currently, it covers the area of 4.5 hectares of historic post-industrial objects with authentic equipment, such as a machine park which has been secured and made accessible for visitors. With the help of guides working in Stara Kopalnia (former miners who worked in KWK “Julia” in the past), all visitors can not only see the enormous scale of mine infrastructure, but also learn about the character of the dangerous and demanding work of a miner.


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